Only You Can Save You?

We are living through a time where there may be many conflicting arguments, especially around the efficacy of whether wearing non-surgical masks are beneficial or not.

According to articles by various news outlets and publications (please see below) there seems to be an overarching idea that the use of non-surgical masks is better than nothing.

The CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) (An American Body) says that Use of Cloth Face Coverings Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19.

Here in the UK, we have been dealing with a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shortage and especially with regards to masks. The general message that we have been hearing is that we (the general public) should not be purchasing medical grade masks because this depletes the supply for healthcare professionals.

There is yet to be any definite guidance given to the British public with regards to wearing masks in public, however, Sadiq Khan Mayor of London is said to be lobbying the government to make the use of wearing masks to be compulsory on public transport.

This request has also been backed by the metro mayor of Liverpool city Steve Rotheram.

Here at CityMask we believe that non-surgical face masks will become the 'norm' and we would like to develop a range of masks to help you with this transition into our 'new normal'.

We are constantly keeping our ear to the ground and will keep you updated on any key developments with regards to the use of non-surgical masks.

Wearing a mask is better than not - Only You Can Save You.

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