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Our shopping habits will change. We now need to include mask buying as part of our daily wear and this consideration may now be here for the foreseeable.

So what to do... As per our government (UK) rhetoric about not depleting the supply of medical grade masks, we have developed a range of non-surgical masks. All of our masks come in one size and are unisex. They all have a pouch for a filter, and are all designed to fit well. (We also have a petite range to those who have a petite stature and young adults.)

We understand that mask wearing may be daunting and so we want to bring some fun and art into an essential everyday wear accessory.

We make all of our masks in our London based studio. We do not like waste and endeavour to utilise as much of the fabric we use as possible. We pride ourselves on developing limited edition masks using fabric remnants off-cuts which you can see in our 'Zero Waste' collection.

By us providing limited edition masks enables our wearers to maintain a level of individuality at a time where mask wearing may become uniform.

Masks do not need to be boring, and we believe that they can actually become a piece of art on your face.

We believe that personal expression is crucial to our well being and we aim to create as many dynamic and innovative masks as possible.

Although we may not have been told that mask wearing is compulsory in England, Wales and Northern Ireland at the time of writing this. Scotland today (28th April 2020) has recommended that face coverings be worn in some enclosed/public places.

Things we believe you should look for when you Buy A Face Mask UK:

  • It should be easily adjsutable if required

  • It should have a nose bridge fitted so you can shape it over your nose for a close fit

  • You should get coverage over your nose (not too far below your eyes)

  • You should get coverage to the bottom of your chin

  • You should be able to adjust the mask so that there are no gaps

  • You should also have some space at the front of your mouth and nose so that you are able to talk and breathe without restriction.

  • You should buy masks that you like - that make you happy 😊

If there is anything that we can help you with please do get in touch and let us know:

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