Frequently asked questions

Where are the masks made?

Our masks are handmade in our London studio

Are these masks unisex?

Yes our masks are unisex

Are these masks onesize?

Yes, our masks are onesize.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we are offering free UK delivery. Delivery times may vary due to the current climate. We will keep you updated as much as possible.

Are these masks surgical/medical?

No, these masks are non-surgical/medical. We have made them specifically to be everyday wear masks which are machine washable. We want to encourage people to buy non-surgical masks in order to protect the healthcare professionals supply.

What fabrics are these masks made of?

These masks are made of cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre and when woven remains breathable.

Do these masks come with a filter?

We do not supply filters at present with these masks. Kitchen/Paper towel is adequate for you to use as a filer.

Do the masks come with the elastic attached to fit around ears?

Yes, all masks are supplied with elastic which may either be corded or flat that enables you to wear them instantly.

About Us

Here at CityMask we sell everyday wear masks for you to match with your outfit. We are a zero-waste company utilising as much of the fabric as possible; We also make masks from fabric off-cuts/remnants so nothing goes to waste. All of our masks are limited edition. Designed and made with love in the UK. #LoveTheEarth

Are the masks adjsutable?

Yes the elastic has a knot which is concealed in the mask. Simply pull the elastic through until you see the knot. Un-tie and re-adjsut to your prefernce. Should you need any further guidance on this, please email us at: CityMask.co.uk@gmail.com

What is the 'Beard Size' Mask?

Our beard size masks accommodate the rugged beard. Made longer through the centre, it allows the your mask to fit snug under your chin whilst covering your mouth and nose.